love is the only indestructible thing

for it is the only thing


a love that has no boundaries

neither as loving subject

nor loved object


love is the dropping of the belief in

either subject and object

in the nakedness that remainins

no clothes are left to tell the story

of a someone living somewhere for sometime


there is just this unthinkable dance of suchness

not one thing could ever dream to stain

the transparency of all-things-happening

the absolute inclusiveness of love

is the proof and substance of its indestructibility

that which welcomes and accepts everything

cannot itself ever be destroyed

for if destruction was to happen

love would welcome it being one with it


being one with all seeming things

love is always what remains

love is always what Is

love between so called humans

is so seemingly appealing

because in the apparent unification

of two apparent pieces of reality

lies the recognition

of the true state of affairs


the fact that reality is eternally one

that all two-ness is imagined


the imagination of the many

lives in the deep heart of One

bathing the dream of wave and ocean

is the pure thirst-quenching freshness of water


all unification is but the end of a dream

unification is real from the standpoint

of dream characters only

which is no point to stand


 all returning home

is but the seeing that All That IS is THIS

absolute reality is this seeing right now

the whole universe is THIS


there is no place to ever be at

than the indescribably immense reality

of this utterly vulgar moment


Teo Jasmin