truth revelead

I’m bringing you the truth, so if you have eyes to see, and you have ears to hear, I shall tell you this:

truth is the paradox, the undecipherable mystery, the unspoken wisdom cruising through all of space and time, present in all things as their only true nature, present in all things as those things themselves, present in all beings as beingness itself;

it is brighter than the brightest light, darker than the darkest dark, it is simultaneously the light behind the darkness, and the darkness behind the light; it is larger than the largest and smaller than the smallest, having no size all sizes fit in it;

it is older than the oldest, for it is beyond time, it is newer than the newest, for it is beyond time, it is freshness itself, it is ancestry itself;

before the first was born, after the last passes away, it alone is; it is all things being itself absolutely and eternally nothing, it is nothingness itself, it is allthingness itself;

it sees everything, being the very sight itself, with itself never being seen; it hears everything, being the very hearing itself, with itself never being heard; it touches everything, with itself never being touched; it is emptier than space, fuller than oceans, it is subtle as wind, rough as mountains;

it was never born, although all things are born from it; it will never die, although all things will die to it, nothing is ever not that;

remaining perpetually still, it is the flow of all things; it is the change of all forms, itself never moving, never changing; it is kind as a grandnanny, tough as a soldier; including good and evil, it is and transcends both;

it is the heat in the candle, the warmth in the skin, the coolness in the ice, it is the distance in the mile and the weight in the pound, it is the laughter in the joke, the tear in the drama, it is the essence of all things, never absent, never distant, never not here;

it is the hatred of the murderer and the patience of the saint, it is the youth in the infant, the ancestry in the elder; it is the starting point, the destiny and destination of all things living, deceased or yet unborn, the longing in all things sentient and non-sentient;

closer than your breath and heart, it will appear as most distant; more intimate than your very mind and will, it will feel as the strangest of all things strange; being your very home, it will feel as the furthest land, and some will say that miles and decades will go by just so you reach the gate, just so you knock on the door; you will know it from the beginning to the end of time, but some will lead you to think that its knowledge lies infinitely beyond your grasp;

before the first step, after the last, here it is, before the journey commences, the destination is here; incomprehensible beyond comprehension, still all can know it; finer that the finest knowledge, still no studies are required; simpler than the simplest fairytale, academics will miss it;

an endless journey, for there is no traveler and no destination, just the journeying, just the traveling, no home to depart from, no home to return to, no division to heal for there was never a gap, no abyss to transcend for there was never two, no higher-self to integrate because the Self alone is, no divine spark to melt in God’s furnace for there was never a thing called human nor divine, always just a game, and no one playing, only the idea of someone playing was the game;

being found it is known as never having been lost, being lost it is felt as never having been known; it is awesome and exciting as a brave new world, warm and familiar as a life-long home; it heals all wounds, clears all doubts, answers all questions, not by providing the answers, but by removing the questioner;

it is love beyond measure, peace beyond understanding, it is freedom beyond limit, safety beyond harm;

it reveals itself when it is seen that when all things go it remains, that what remains alone is real, that what remains alone is self, that when all objects are gone, the ultimate subject alone remains; it reveals itself when it is seen that after the dream state and the wakeful state are gone, only that which is not a state remains; it reveals itself when it is seen that all dance happens on a still ground, and that alone is real, when all dancers are returned home by the night, the still ground alone remains; it reveals itself when it is seen that all painting happens on an empty canvas, and that alone is real, when all paint is washed away by the rain, the canvas alone is;

the understanding of it reveals that nothing is found, that no one ever lived, that nothing ever mattered, that all is so simple, the source always is everywhere, no place to ever go, no bondage to overcome, no liberation ever needed, no purpose ever intended, no individual to ever seek or find anything, no one ever born, a single one everlastingly is;

that one is the closest of close, it is the self in beingness, the awareness in consciousness, the aliveness in living, the certainty of existence; it is the face  in the mirror, the seer in the eye, the center of every being’s world, the source point of perception; the thinker in every thought, the feeler in every feeling, the perceiver in every perception, the experiencer in every experience, everywhere, every time, anywhere, anytime;

it is the one in the many, the whole in the part; it is the silence allowing every word, the light allowing every color, the nothing allowing the everything to be, always here, like ground for all feet to walk, like air for all wings to soar, the unmanifested allowing all manifestation, always in the eye, in the ear, in the skin, in the nose, in the tongue, always here, ever silent and unmovable, ordinary everyday awareness, beyond any suspicion, the source of all things, the ultimate, sought by every being everywhere every time, the unknown and unknowable, itself pure knowing, the witness of all things moving, standing still, quiet and invisible inside the heart of all things

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