a bridge


there is no peace outside the human being

there is no peace inside the human being

while there is a human picture

the slightest face

the wider infinital realm of presence

remains caged in the shadow walls of imagination


life really is much simpler than thought makes it to seem

the unpredictable fall of opposites

the surprising unexistence of any subject

the perplexing absence of any object

just the jaw-dropping presence of whatever’s happening


just this

typing words in an ordinary keybord

is ultimate reality

the whole universe is all this is

everything that ever happens

is only just supreme reality


could thought have ever imagined this to so be?


imagination builds ever higher edifices of unreality

so many stories, reaching higher and higher

aiming at untraceable targets up in the skies


could the mind,

if it ever existed, ever dream of the real?

aah, just laughing,

and this lauging fills all corners of this universe

all of it

is contained

inside the transparency

of this very

humbled perception


all of the universes are just children babbling gibberish

fumbling legs in infancy play

under the admittedly invisible gaze

of the contemplative distracted parent


just throw away all your ideas about the real

– it is never like that –

– it is always like this –

just  t  h  i  s


there is seeing

and that always is all that is

and that always is all

and that always is


a bridge

but no riversides to connect

no shores to bridge

no bridge to shore

no shore to shore

no bridge to bridge


just this  s e e i n g

j u s t t h e s e e i n g t h a t y o u a r e

d o y o u s e e n o w ?


you are merely

the magnificent

absence of yourself


~ Elijah Williams ~

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