the furthest point


there is no  higher  ground than this   Seeing

there is no  deeper  sky than this        Seeing

the fall of   s u b j e c t   and   o b j e c t

leaving reality naked as a newborn baby

this is the furthest point

not inwards

not outwards

just the real

as is

the last stop

and the  f i r s t

to reality

everyt h i n g  is just story

nothing is outside

nor inside

nor insight

of this Seeing

everything just is this Seeing

Seeing happening right now

out these eyes

out these ears and all senses

and yet not the eyes

not the ears

not the senses

no body can be said to exist

no mind

no apparatus allowing for this Seeing

Seeing precedes all, being all, beyond all

not a subject

just beyond any possible description

or assumption or concept or attempt to reach It

It does not know anything

It is the   k n o w i n g   that is all things

Seeing happening right now

as always

untouched by all ideas about It

all ideas  a b o u t  It are just It

all movements  t o w a r d s  It are just It

all attempts  a w a y   from It are just It

It always ever  is  all there is

True Nature is no place

nor essence

nor capacity

It is not a subject,

not an entity

nor reality

It is just Seeing

an activity

the activity of Seeing

Pure Perception

always on

behind every apparent eye

behind every apparent ear

tongue, hand, nose, mind and  a l l

Seemingly easy it is to believe in

subject and object

but Truth is the middle way

is that which  unites  the opposites

is that which  dissolves  the opposites

the  dissolution  of all  duality

of me and others

of now and then

search and attainment

bondage and liberation

It is like a river who’s lost its banks

flowing freely beyond duality

everything is welcomed

all ideas and concepts

fetters and chains

truths and delusions

all coming and going

only nothing remaining

and Seeing is always




Seeing, but no  se e r  nor  se e n

hearing, but no  hear e r  nor  hea r d

experiencing without experienc e r  nor  experienc ed

Life happening, with no one to live it nor be lived

Who’d have guessed?,

Supreme Eternal Reality

always  s t a r i n g  right out the eyes,

not a  se e r  nor  s u b j e c t

but just the activity

the inevitable e x p l o s i o n of Seeing

Teo Jasmin

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