Essay on a lost sheep

There is desire for freedom, a sense of paradise lost, for It was seen
and embraced and realized, but now a shadow filters the understanding and reality seems to lie trapped inside a tiny claustrophobic box called "I" or "person".

Movements are initiated in the attempt to see through a falsity that was already seen as just that – a mind-blowingly simple misperception, a very obvious illusion. But all movements seem to lead nowhere, all movements are just movements
of the very person that is the cause of the apparent bondage.

When inside a dream, what can be done to cause awakening? What measures
can be taken that don’t belong themselves to that very same dream? Trying to awaken from a dream is just more dream activity, for reality never is dreaming, so needs no awakening, and the dream is never real, so can never awaken.

I do understand that an (apparent) effort has to be made for a(n) (apparent) liberation from a(n) (apparent) bondage to
(apparently) take place. But what can actually be done? Can looking over and over again to the same landscape reveal anything
new? Isn’t the looking itself the abiding place of the pivotal misperception?

So steps are still being taken, although there is the knowing that there
is nowhere to go.
So seeking is still happening, although there is the knowing that
nothing is to be found. It’s all a dream where the one seeking, the one struggling, the one
suffering is just a dream character dreaming with an awakening from the dream. What fails to be realized is that the everyday seeing, the ordinary sense of perception and action is already taking place from
the Real
, taking place from the very place the dream character is trying to get

The apparent subject of reality, the "person", is in fact just another
object of perception. Meanwhile, the real subject of all perception remains overlooked,
ignored. And when reality is ignored, ignorance becomes reality. Illusion becomes
prevalent, but not because illusion is "what" is seen, but it is "how" it is seen. Illusion is not something that is seen, it is how the seeing itself appears to happen.

Nothing has to change, but a knowing that nothing has to change needs to
happen. It needs to happen for peace and freedom to be obvious, although not more real than when they were overlooked and only dreamed

And so looking goes on, seeking goes on, traveling to see a teacher goes on,
opening books hoping for answers – real answers. Until It is clear and doubtless, steps will be taken. For as long as it
, not mattering how far they will take me.


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