Mr. Yong U, nice hearing from you.

I can see you’re still the
same ol’ determined Finish young bastard!=)

I admire your
strength and discernment. You’re determined to find the one thing worth
finding. That’s it. I too feel the same. I’ve had enough tastes of It to
know that the whole universe is a forgotten peanut in the bottom of an
old pants pocket compared to This.

I found the Truth I’ve been
looking for when I was in California, but stubbornly the lie of the
apparent individual self came back to haunt me. Still I struggle to see
past it and bathe in the only true light ever existed!

is my last spiritual abode. Nothing more is requested or needed. All
questions have dissolved. It’s just the heart that is still trapped
inside a peculiar dream.

I would like to share with you what I
have come across in my inquiries, in the deep hope that you could
understand that maybe truth and peace does not necessarily lie in the
shadowy cave of monastic living.

Still, I do respect your
effort. Just wish that the sheer simplicity of This may shine upon your
mind’s eye soon.

I’ll be in Stockholm in August, visiting Mooji,
an Advaita fellow!

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                                            à de ri v a
                                 às vezes
                                                   tam b é m é bom

                                                                   para relaxar dos momentos
                                                                                               em que
                                                                           p e n s a m os
                                                                          para onde
                                                                                               va m o s




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Nã o és que m pens as se r

não és quem pensas ser – quem tu és não é passível de ser pensado

os teus pensamentos existem dentro de ti – tu não existes dentro deles

se o consegues p e n s a r – não-o-és


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