Identification with thought

Lets look at identification with thoughts.

First, there is equating what you are with actual thoughts. If so,
which one would you claim as your very being?

The other, more typical,
aspect is identifying as the character or entity being described by the
self-centered thinking. I am good, bad, enlightened, unenlightened,
etc. This is a bit more subtle, but can also be understood with a bit
of looking. These concepts are not about your very being, clearly. They
are about the conceptual image of oneself as represented in thought, in
other words, the "me" entity.

This entity is often assumed to be real
and present and who we are. All the other limiting thoughts are for, by
and about this conceptual self represented in thought. This unthinking
identification with the thoughts is what suffering actually is. When
this is clear, we see that what is driving the whole "mechanism" is the
unquestioned identification with the "me" notion (or "I" thought). As
long as belief and identity flow into the "I" thought as what I am, the
process of suffering, which is identification with self-centered
thoughts, must continue.

But is that thought "I" really me? Can I
equate that concept with my actual being or natural identity? The real
position must be clarified and seen in our direct experience. This
investigation nips the root of the identification at the source once
and for good.

John Wheeler:

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